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The Tradition Continues…

So, it’s a pretty well known fact that my Dad and Tobe have a slight obsession with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  So much so that when our oldest, Leah, was born, my Dad celebrated by bringing a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the hospital.  Of course she didn’t eat one at the time but we photographed her laying next to the box.  Fast forward a year….on her birthday, we took her to Krispy Kreme for her very first “Hot Now” experience.  She loved it.  Of course.

Then, when our son, Jacob, turned one…same story…took him to Krispy Kreme.  He loved it.

We just celebrated Elias’s first birthday.  Can you guess where we took him?  Yep.  McDonald’s.  …just kidding… Krispy Kreme.

He wasn’t much into the whole hat thing.

I think he’s a fan.

Yes, Leah is wearing her Pajamas…it was PJ day at school and we picked her up mid-day to head to Columbus.  If I was super “put together” and cared what other people thought about my child wearing her flannel pajamas in public, I would have made her change in to her Sunday best.  But, nah, we’re cool like that.

Ohhhh, here’s the *real* Elias, by the way.  Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde….see very next photo.

Clearly, Jacob needs some more sugar….pass the box of doughnuts, please.