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The Quintuplets! {Massolin, OH Children’s Photographer}

Ohmygosh!  I had the opportunity to photograph such a special family!!  I’ve photographed twins before but not *quintuplets* – During their session,  I smiled and laughed until my face hurt!  Vince and Amie are so wonderful with all of their children, including two older children as well – Taylor and Grady!  I rallied my grandmother into coming and helping me with the session, I knew that we would definitely need an extra set of hands.  🙂

I was amazed at how quickly I could pick up on their unique personalities – it was awesome to watch each of them shine through.  Oh, and this was the first time some of them had sat/played in the grass – which is always hilarious!  Trying to get a 10-month-old to look up from grabbing, eating, and playing with grass is next to impossible – but also so so funny!

Here’s Ihla…she was a little tentative about the whole “getting gussied up and taken outside for a photo session” thing but once she warmed up, I got the sweetest little expressions from her!

Meet Paige…I am not sure that she cracked a smile at all but I could tell she was just processing the whole time we were out there.  Paige thought the grass was awesome – and way more entertaining than anything I was wanting her to do.  I think she’s going to be a detective.  😉

And this is Enzo…he pretty much smiles {and drools} on command.  Quite a jolly little fella.

And here’s Ellie…I think she’s channeling a little Betty Boop expression here, don’t  you agree??  And unlike Paige, Ellie thought the grass was a terrible idea.

Here’s Gia…she was pretty happy to go along with anything.  🙂