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The Fox Wedding {Smithville, OH Wedding Photographer}

As any bride (or wedding photographer, for that matter) knows, the Wedding Dress sets the tone for the entire day.  And oh heavens, Katie’s dress was *gorgeous* – and yes – I got a little nervous hanging it over this bridge…which is over WATER.  😉

Seriously.  I have photographed the most beautiful brides this summer.  And really, they have even more beautiful hearts – kind, loving, and thoughtful.

The bridal party prepared for the wedding at Katie’s grandparents’ home – I love when brides incorporate so much FAMILY into their weddings.  What a neat memory she’ll have – getting dressed in her grandparents’ living room, with all of her closest friends and family.

Probably one of my favorite ring shots of the summer.  Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.  Ahem…j/k.  😉

Andrew and Katie’s “first look” was so very sweet – they saw each other for the first time that day on the bridge…this bridge has been in many, many, many photos – it’s kind of a legend in their family.  🙂  I’d like to also take some time to say a huge thank you to Katie’s grandparents…the scenery their back yard provided for these bridal portraits was breath-taking.  I can’t even imagine the hours they dedicated to making their property so beautiful for the wedding.

We first snuck away with just the bride and groom for some quick photos.  And yes, one must be quick when it’s 95 degrees and the groom is wearing wool.  Model much?  I think these two stepped out of a magazine, yes?

The tea room.  I’m wondering if her grandma will let me come back and enjoy some tea here sometime.  One can dream.  🙂

What a dapper young man.

Katie was so relaxed in front of my camera – makes my “job” so easy and enjoyable!

This was easily one of my favorite images from the day!  Might I mention that I loved the way these two stared at each other the whole day!  Ahhh….love.

Let me introduce to you one of the most laid-back and supportive bridal parties ever.  Since they were so nice, I let them pose in the shade.  😉

I love when grooms have cool friends.  These guys were fantastically funny and kept everyone laughing.

And these ladies were classy.  They were Katie’s allies for the entire day, as it should be.

Again, the bridge.  Romaaaaaaaaaaantic.

One more of Katie.  For good measure.  😉

Once the ceremony was over, everyone headed back to Katie’s grandparents’ for the reception!  I loved the personal touches around the reception – Katie had planned everything so beautifully.

Had to include this next one, all day the men were keeping their eyes peeled to their cells – a storm was a brewin’.  As you can see, it was headed our way!  Spoiler alert: It did rain like crazy that night, but everyone had a wonderful time despite the inclement weather.  🙂

Classic.  I giggle every. single. time I look at this photo!

Another favorite…Andrew and Katie – your wedding day was just perfect.  May you two enjoy your married life to the fullest!