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Spring “What To Wear”: Warsaw, IN Family Photographer

Are you ready for SPRING???  I am.  That’s for sure.  Which is kind of funny to think about, pending the 5-10 inches of *snow* Northern Indiana is facing tonight.  🙂 

Another question…Do you know what your family is wearing for your Spring Session?  Like many mamas, if you’re floundering to try and come up with a color scheme for your wardrobes – look no further!  (Well actually, LOOK DOWN!)  Below is a fabulous collection of clothing from Old Navy and Piperlime! 

Here are a few suggestions when scheming up wardrobe ideas for your session:

1}   Choose a few base colors and one accent color, as seen below.

2}   Look like YOU.  Seriously.  Have {fun} with it!  Not *everything* has to “go”.  (and wow, that was a lot of punctuations, etc.)

3}   Include ***texture*** and LAYERS – think corduroy, lace, denim, silk, etc, etc.

4}   Accessorize, baby.  Wear a scarf, a hat, and chunky jewelry.  Maybe not all of those on one person, but you get the idea.  😉

5}   Feel free to ask me!  If you’re still unsure of your choices, send me photos or links to what you’re thinkin’.  I’d love to help!

—-Hopefully this will get you in the mood to start closet shopping!  Oh, and don’t forget to contact me to actually BOOK your session!!  🙂 —-