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Owen : A Birth Story {Columbus, OH Birth Photographer}

Oh little Owen.  You are a miracle.

I was so so SO honored to capture my brother (Jace) and sister-in-law’s (Rachael) birth last month.  I’ll start at the beginning….

Rachael wanted to deliver Owen naturally and so she and Jace had talked and prayed through what that might look like and readied themselves as much as they could for the process.  They texted me early Saturday morning to say that they had gone to the hospital but were sent home but were about ready for  me to start heading their way (we live in Indiana, they live in Ohio).  So we said good-bye to our friends who we were supposed to be visiting for the weekend (whoops!  Babies just kind of come when they want and don’t pay attention to my social plans) and drove to Ohio.  I may have told Tobe to speed once or twice.  😉

When we arrived, I suggested that we go out and do some walking so here’s Rach with her BFF Bryndi…Bryndi is a nurse – which is fantastic because that really helped Rach feel at ease while laboring at home.

So.  We walked.  And waited.  Her contractions stayed about the same so I left for a bit and rejoined my family for dinner.  Went back at around 10:00pm, when they said that her contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart and getting more intense.  Sounded like a great time to go to the hospital to me too!

…and who are we kidding here, Jace was watching TV.  He’ll redeem himself later on.  😉

After a quick (and very touching) prayer, we were off to have this BABY!!!

….and then they were sadly sent home again at 11:30pm.  Baby boy was pretty comfy right where he was.  We went home to get some rest because – SURELY – this baby was coming tomorrow sometime, right???

Now it’s Sunday afternoon… they decide it’s time to head back in.  They called me once they got over there and were finally admitted – woohoo!!!!  When I arrived, they had been given instructions to walk around the hospital.

So, walk, we did….stopping every now and then for a contraction.

While walking, we frequently passed by the nursery – and this time we made friends with a brand new Dad and Grandma, peering at their little guy through the window.  I think that gave Rachael some new excitement, knowing that her first time to meet Owen was coming SOON!

Rachael started to get a little tired so we retreated into the delivery room to let her rest.

My brother impressed me SO much throughout her labor – he was with her every step of the way, holding her hand, rubbing her back, getting her jello/water, and providing encouragement.  Proud sister right here.

He also provided some comic relief.  😉

Rachael, your strength, grace, and dependence on the Lord to carry you during this difficult labor was beautiful to watch.

Now, we’re heading into late Sunday night/early Monday morning…Rach had been having contractions for 45+ hours and was getting weery.  And she wasn’t progressing *nearly* as quickly as she should have been (at 6 cm for 6+ hours???).  Cliff’s Notes version: She was exhausted.  She needed rest.  So she opted for an epidural to allow her body to rest and hopefully encourage it to do the rest on it’s own.  We all knew it was the right decision for them and they’re thankful they chose it.

I don’t have a lot of images of her pushing because *I* was helping her push, and it’s hard to do that AND take photos.  Trust me on that one.

Right before Owen arrived, I backed up, grabbed my camera and fumbled to get my settings right so I could capture the delivery images!  Pretty sure I was already crying at this moment.

HERE he is!!!!!!!   Owen David.   Monday, Sept. 19th.   6:46am.  9 lbs 12oz.  21 in.

And we all BAWLED our faces off. And then I got ahold of myself and remembered that I needed to be taking photos….

Rach.  Watching you become a mama for the first time is something I’ll never forget.  We’re bonded, sister.

Seriously.  Tears rushing down our faces.  My brother is a DADDY.  And a great one, at that.

I love you, little Owen.  More than words can say.

Thank you, Jace & Rach, for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful delivery.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I am SO SO SO proud of both of you.

Love, your teary-eyed sister.