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My Little Under-The-Weather Valentine: Personal

Yesterday’s Valentine’s Day was a little rough around the Forshtay household.  My little man had been suffering from a 104.0 fever for the last few days so the day was spent on the couch, holding him, watching movies, and trying to get him to drink liquids….yes, that included both Rootbeer and Sierra Mist…to which he cried,”That’s too spicy!” after each.  🙂

He seriously does NOT look sick here…the one little sweet smile that I caught yesterday, amid the whining, crying, coughing, and sleeping.

…and then he crashed.  Turns out, I’m not the only one who takes advantage of my husband being a furnace.  🙂  I was so glad that Tobe stayed home yesterday!

I didn’t really mind that our Valentine’s Day wasn’t filled with chocolates and a romantic dinner.  This is real life.  I am so blessed with a husband who loves my children and I on both our good and yucky days.

…but Tobe did come home with a beautiful spring bouquet for me today!  🙂  And what did I get him for V-Day?  That’s another post…