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Mr. Cooper: 18 months! {Warsaw, IN Children’s Photographer}

Cooper is one of the jolliest little fellas I know.  Coop’s parents are great friends of ours so when they were in town over the weekend, Jenny and I snatched him up for a quick photo session…and we played, and laughed, and laughed, and played.  🙂  Those are the *best* sessions – the kids have no idea they’re getting photos taken – they’re just having FUN!

Such a little charmer…

We played Hide and Seek…

*I* caught a frog – which I have to tell you – I am so grossed out by squirmy, slimy frogs…but I’ll do ANYTHING to get a fun shot so I did it.  Was pretty proud of myself, actually.  Cooper didn’t really like it.

We played tag…

Oh, he is SO awesome.