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Miss Emery: One Year Old! {Warsaw, IN Children’s Photographer}

Have you ever prayed, and prayed, and PRAYED about something or someone?  I have.  Meet Emery.

You see, Emery is an answer to prayer.  A lot of them.  🙂

Kari and I have been the best of friends since our first semester of college.  (Minus the first two months when we lived in rooms right across from each other yet ignored one another since “we didn’t like girls.” ….but, I digress…)  Kari can make me laugh like no other person on this planet.  Like, *I-have-to-use-my-rescue-inhaler* laugh.  Not kidding.  I just love her to pieces.

A few years ago, she and Tyler started praying through adopting their first child.  They both have a huge heart for children and felt a calling to pursue it at any cost.  They have a beautiful adoption story – feel free to read all about it on Kari’s fantastically “real” adoption blog.   I won’t ruin the story line for you, I’m not nearly as funny as she is.  😉  Really, she is the only gal I know who calls her daughter “Homegirl.”

Anyways.  Tyler, Kari, and Emery (aka “Homegirl’) recently moved back to Indiana -oh darn- from Florida JUST in time to capture Emery’s precious One Year Old milestone!  These are some of my favorite images to date…just knowing the story behind this precious family makes my heart melt when I think about how much love, respect, and care they lavish on Emery.  The Lord is good.