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Mamarazzi Workshop: Photography Mentoring

I’ve heard story after story from my mom friends and clients about having a brand spankin’ new DSLR but they’re unsure how to use it to it’s fullest degree. Sure, sticking the settings on Auto can get the job done and the moment preserved…but many moms have heard about shooting manually and have the desire to try it, but are so intimidated by it.  And that’s totally understandable.  Responding to the call, I held a small Mamarazzi Workshop earlier this month and we all had a blast!

We sat on a blanket in the shade, sipped on ice cold water (it was 90+ degrees!!!), and got down to business.  By the end of the discussion, they each knew how to change their camera settings, the WHY of changing settings, camera lingo, and were ready to try it out.  We had two FABULOUS models that afternoon who let them click away, while asking questions and double checking settings.  🙂  I loved seeing the “lightbulbs” click for each of the gals throughout the afternoon.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the session…because of course, I had to grab some shots of my own during the process.  🙂

Here are a few shots of Stavrani, Kelley, and Naomi conquering the dreaded MANUAL settings…Woohoo!

One of my attendees was so kind to write these sweet words…

“Thank you SO much for putting the class together! I was WONDERFUL to finally figure out how to set our cameras up for different situations and have it actually work the way it is supposed to! Having the models there to practice was PERFECT! It was nice to be able to change settings depending on the lighting changes and actually see GOOD pictures come out!! I think in the first 30 min of the class I was thinking of specific pictures I have taken in the last few months that would have turned out SO much better just by being able to make some quick ISO or shutter speed changes!  I cannot thank you enough for sharing some of your expertise. I look forward to practicing what I learned on my family and finally being able to capture those moments in crisp clear pictures!”

…and she sent me a few images that she had taken from the workshop…they looked fantastic!!  Proud moment right there.  🙂