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Jace & Rachael: Engagement Session {Warsaw, IN Photographer}

Where do I even start?  I’ve known Jace for all of his life.  You see, he’s my “little” brother – albeit, he’s not really that little, especially when he stands next to me.  😉  We tickled. We fought.  When we were kids, we played Playmobiles together ALL summer long.  When he was 3, we would spend hours in our coat closet pretending to be in Never, Never Land – yes, that’s right.  I beat him playing Mario Brothers on Nintendo….until he turned about 7 and could annihilate me – and then I quit playing.  I was one of the crazy screaming fans when he was Quarterback for his high school football team.  And when I heard that he was in love with Rachael, I cried.  Many, many happy tears.

You see, Rachael is perfect for Jace.  She knows and loves Christ and has a passion for Him, has a heart of gold (cliche, I know…but true), and loves my brother deeply.  The first time I met her, I just knew.  Call it sisterly intuition or something, but I just knew.  And I prayed.  🙂  I am sooooo excited that come September 17th, I’ll be able to call Rachael my sister!!

Anyways, I have vowed to NEVER be the wedding photographer for my siblings. I want to be able to soak it all in on that day.  And I want to have the freedom to bawl my face off during the ceremony.  🙂  It wouldn’t have worked out so well for me to be the photographer in this wedding anyways since I’m a bridesmaid…that would look a bit funny – jumping in and out of the lineup to grab some quick shots.  😉  So, I was more than delighted when they asked me to take their engagement photos!

So pleased with these images, I hope you can feel the love they have for each other and the FUN they have together!

Oh, Jace and Rachael, I can’t wait for you to taste married life…to have those 17 kids (wink, wink)…and to serve Him together.  🙂