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Intimate Small Group Newborn Workshop Dates Released!

So excited to be able to finalize my Newborn Mentoring dates for the beginning of 2014!  Each Newborn Workshop will be TWO days long, limited to 3 professional photographers, and include 4 complete newborn sessions.

But what I’m REALLY excited about is to offer the chance for ONE lucky photographer to come to a workshop for FREE!  I know, I’m crazy.  Details below….  🙂

That’s right – every photographer who is committed to growing their newborn photography business through attending one of my Newborn Workshops (and registers by Oct. 20th) will be entered to attend for FREE, their registration $$ will be refunded and they’ll be coming FOR. FREE.  I seriously am SO excited to find out who the winner is going to be!!!  I hope it’s YOU.  🙂