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Goodbye, Red Balloon Studio. Hello, Jaci Forshtay Photography!

I feel as if my business name change has been “a long time comin’.”  When I started my photography business, I was searching for THE name.  You know, a name that people would remember, since no one would remember my other choice, Jaci Forshtay Photography, right?  😉  I was specializing in children’s photography so I wanted something whimsical…but since then, I have broadened my photography horizons to include birth photography, seniors, and the occasional wedding as well!

Don’t hear me wrong, I still think that Red Balloon Studio is a fantastic name – – – for a photographer who actually has a studio (which I would eventually LOVE one, but that’s a different post).  I loved the name, it was catchy and memorable but in essence, I was misrepresenting myself…I don’t have a studio and I don’t utilize studio lighting.  And this isn’t to say that anyone who has “studio” in their name and doesn’t have a studio isn’t legit, I just mean that it wasn’t for me.

I want to be ME.  Sure, Jaci Forshtay Photography might be hard to pronounce and super-hard to spell (trust me, I know!) but it’s who I am.  If someone wants to commission me for my photography, they’ll make an effort to remember it, right?!?  This change also allows me the freedom to shoot who/what/where/when I want to shoot.  Without the word “studio” hanging over me, I don’t feel the pressure to hold 6 sessions a week and limit myself to only one aspect of photography.

In this blog, you’ll get to preview my photography sessions and perhaps take advantage of any special offers I have going on.  But that’s not all.  My hope is that this blog can be a platform that you (my clients, family, friends, etc.) can learn about and appreciate photography more but that you’ll also get to know me and my sweet family!

Thanks for your love and support these past few years.  It is appreciated.