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Emeline: 3 years old! {Warsaw, IN Children’s Photographer}

Oh how I love when Miss Emeline comes to see me for her annual photos!  She is spunky, full of personality, and the sweetest little gal you’ll ever meet.  Seriously.  I don’t just say that about everyone.  😉

I totally drove away after the photo shoot leaving my sweet little blue chair in the middle of the orchard, only to realize what I had done about 5 hours later.  Oops!  So glad the apple orchard trolls didn’t steal it – it was right where I left it when I went back for it.  🙂

And can we all just agree that dandelions are one of the most beautiful of God’s creations?  Amen.

See?  I told you she is spunky!  You should see the other 347 photos that I *didn’t* edit!  ha!

Sister was a little concerned about the grass that snuck into her sandals.  🙂

Le sigh.  So beautiful, this gal.

I love seeing my littlest clients year after year – it brings my heart much joy to watch them grow up into fine little people!