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1:1 Newborn Mentoring {Warsaw, IN Newborn Photographer}

Many people probably don’t know that I didn’t go to school for photography.  Nope.  I went for Elementary Education.  Time passed, I decided not to pursue a career in Education and have children of my own instead!  🙂  So, I am so excited to be offering 1:1 Mentoring Sessions because I am passionate about photography and I LOVE teaching!  It is such a joy to share the knowledge that I have gained these past few years with other aspiring photographers!

I really enjoy many genres of photography so I allow my mentees to decide the kind of sessions they want to have me prepare for their mentorship (Maternity, Newborn, Child, Family, Senior, or Bridal) based on the type of portfolio they’re looking to build.  Diane is an aspiring Newborn Photographer so I prepared two newborns for us to work with.

During each newborn mentoring session, I teach a variety of “standard” blanket poses and techniques as well as incorporate a few fun props as well!  The sweet thing about doing a 1:1 Mentorship is that you receive HANDS ON training, YOU get to help pose the babies and ask me tons of questions along the way!

Our first model for the day was week old Tessa – and she is a beauty!  Her lips and fingers were just perfect.  🙂  She was so sleepy for this pose, we had to have mama’s help to hold her head up.  (Photoshopped out, obviously.)

Was SO happy that I snagged this wicker prop right before this session!  Woot!

Kelly mentioned that they hadn’t captured Tessa’s ADORABLE smile on camera yet………..Tada!  I squealed with delight when I caught this one!  🙂

Grissom was our second model and ohmygoodness, he was squishy.  Ah.  I didn’t want to give him back.  😉  I love this setup below…no gimmicks, hats, or craziness….just a precious baby.

I bought this bucket last fall – was waiting for just the right kiddo to use it with.

Who can resist a chubby baby with a bowtie?

Oh, I had so much fun teaching Diane the ins and outs of a newborn session.  Here’s a shot of her capturing little Tessa. A big thanks to my good friend, Megan, for letting us borrow her gorgeous – light infused – living room.  🙂

Diane was sweet enough to grab a few shots of me in action…Tessa is clearly bored to death with me.  lol

And Mr Grissom and I had a good talk about uncurling his fingers.  😉

Along the way, I’ve come across so many wonderful vendors for newborn photography.  Here’s the list for this post…If you haven’t seen their work – check them out!

Pink Wrap – Pooks & LuLu

Floral Headbands – Sew Whimsey

Mini Blanket – Mama Pear’s Knits

Bowtie – Fresh Outta the Oven

Are you looking to build your portfolio?  I would *love* to work with you!  Feel free to take a glance at my 1:1 Mentoring page and email me for details!

Wonderful feedback is music to my soul:

“Jaci, thanks so much for all that you taught me in our newborn mentoring session. You were so patient and amazing with the babies! You gave me so many helpful tips, I can’t wait to get started! Bring on the newborns! You are the best! Thanks again!” – Diane